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Bishop Of Canterbury Visits Buhari

Written By: SD Reporter

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday welcomed the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to his Abuja house in London.

President Buhari made the welcome known through his twitter handle @Mbuhari.

Recall that President Buhari has been in UK for several weeks now haven gone there for medical vacation. Recall also that President Buhari had received so many visitors so far, majority of them being from Nigeria.

For instance, on the 15th of February 2017, President Buhari had received the Senate President, Bukola Saraki along side others who had visited him at his London base in UK. Buhari had thanked the visitor as well as Nigerian Christians and Muslims for praying for his quick recovery.

Recall also that Buhari had first released the picture of himself on January 22nd 2017 wherein he was watching a Channels TV news programme about the happenings in Nigeria right from his London base. Wherever I am, I keep up with news from home. Channels TV are one of my favourites. I’m proud of what the Nigerian media are achieving.

This was after, barely two days of his departure from Nigeria, when rumours arose that he was either dead or critically ill. The picture and subsequent ones were released to disprove the rumour that the President was either dead or critically ill. Later, President Buhari who was earlier on billed to return to Nigeria after the initial 10 days working leave he had written the Senate that he would be absent could not return to Nigeria and instead, shifted his return indefinitely while giving reasons of needing longer rest and waiting for more results from the series of tests he underwent. 30 Minutes Anathema Avatar Canterbury Constitution Editorials Eliminate


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