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One of the most needed reform in Nigeria’s sports agenda is that federations be made to mandatorily hold congress as at when due in line with international best practices. This has been clearly missing in all the federations, except the NFF.

Despite the pitfalls of the board of the Nigeria Football Federation, one of its unique organs is the congress which is statutorily responsible for the election of the board of NFF.

It is an indisputable fact that the Presidents and other executive members of practically all international sporting bodies emerged from a keenly contested election with members of the congress as electorates who elected whoever they feel was competent and vast enough in running the affairs of the particular federation.

The International Olympic Committee, Commonwealth games as well as All Africa Games had their executive boards elected by the their respective congress.

In Nigeria, reverse is the case. Except the NFF, other federations are operating a clearly different model, completely at variance with international best practices. It is a model that cannot be trusted. The model is obviously not representative enough. It is a model where just 9 – 11 Exco members, made up of six elected members representing the six geo-political zones of the country with about three to five other members representing some interest groups, like, Sport Writers Association of Nigeria, Swan, National Association of Women in Sports, Nawis and some other professional bodies including a government nominees are made to elect the leadership of the boards of various federations.

It will be more interesting and much more representative to allow states chairmen of various sports associations with their secretaries as observers to form the congress with the responsibility of electing boards of national boards of sporting federations. This is one urgently needed innovation in the electoral process of electing the leadership of the new boards at the forthcoming elections after the dissolution of the current boards of federations. The boards’ tenure will to come to end early next year having been elected in 2013.

I would have preferred that the boards are dissolved before the end of the year to allow for early preparations for fresh elections with the aim of starting the 2017 sporting calendar year early enough under new boards. I’m however, not unaware of the thinking of both the Nigeria Olympic Committee and government to allow the boards run their full tenure with the few months remaining in order not to incur unnecessary petitions and agitation by some members of the outgoing boards.

The importance of allowing the congress of each federations to elect their leadership and the value therein cannot be overemphasized. It will drastically reduce incidence of mediocres emerging as Presidents of otherwise vibrant Federations. Though, no one is saying that this would put a stop to the emergence of charlatans elected as leaders of the federations. But it has the capacity and the potentials of curbing this inadequacy which has become the clog in the wheels of progress of some boards in the recent past.

At least whoever is to be elected at the congress as President would surely be a chairman of a state association of a particular sport. It will be different from when a green horn will emerge from no where only to wreak havoc and practically destroy the sport like is currently happening in some federations.

It is therefore in Nigeria’s interest to allow congress format elect Presidents and other leadership positions on the board of the Sporting Federations.

On Thursday, 24th of November, 2016, yours sincerely was appointed and inaugurated as the Chairman of the Ondo state Weightlifting Association. It is more gratifying to note that the state Sports Council supported my earlier emergence in 2013 at Ibadan, as the elected Board Member of Weightlifting Federation of Nigeria, representing the SouthWest zone of Nigeria at the national level. I’m deeply grateful to be found worthy of yet another service.


A man who has decided to hang himself on his own volition can not blame anyone for his hell bent journey. Hard But The Bitter Truth.

Until next week Friday, stay out of trouble and God bless Nigeria.

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