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Ikeja Golf Club Plans 50th Anniversary

Ikeja Golf Club, Lagos officials have disclosed a long line of activities scheduled to hold this month in the celebrations of their group’s 50th anniversary.

The announcement was made during a press conference at the club’s base in Ikeja GRA, in which the captain, Bola Temowo said the anniversary theme is “Half a Century of Growing Friendships through Golf.”

Temowo further disclosed that among activities scheduled to hold as part of the celebrations are a series of golf events, including a Pro-Am competition.

He also revealed that the club will execute a number of projects aimed at improving the utility of their existence as well as honour their founding fathers.

Temowo also pointed out that the club has contributed to the society through long friendships that have withstood religious, political and ethnic borders since 1968 when it was established.

He added: “We have assisted our members to remain healthy by their continued involvement in the game, which demands that players walk over great distances when playing the game.

“Walking is globally regarded as a most important form of exercise. Exercise is an important aspect of this club, which began with 20 members and a 10-hole course, but now sits astride over 30 acres.”

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