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Internet Goes Into Meltdown

-As Fans Flood Facebook, Twitter, Websites With Voting
Various platforms on the internet virtually went into meltdown on account of the under-23 renaming campaign launched by SportsDay at the start of February, as many soccer lovers and members of the general public jumped at the opportunity to play a part in reshaping history.

It was not just an opportunity to etch their impact on reshaping the face of Nigerian football, as many of the respondents equally saw it as the golden chance to play a role in an endeavour that had never ever been seen before now in the annals of the round leather game.

The idea was to get the public involved for the first time in naming a Nigerian national football team and it was very encouraging to see the zeal with which many people responded.

That zeal led to a massive influx of entries on various outlets provided by SportsDay for voting in the campaign, as the fresh face of Nigerian journalism made available its websites and other outlets on the social media for the month-long voting spree.

The online poll was made possible on Twitter @sportsdayonline and @nweekender, facebook.com/sportsdayonline and facebook.com/nationalweekeneder.net as well as www.sportsdayonline.com and www.nationalweekender.net all through the month of February.

At the end of it all, the collation panel was able to break down the haul of entries – in the form of ticks, likes comments and shares – across percentages to determine the ratio of the total number of votes for each of the three suggested names at stake.

The final voting pattern had Olympic Eagles with 50% of the spots, Naija Eagles pooled in 44% and WAZOBIA Eagles got the least with just 6%.

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