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Joshua Under Pressure To Accept USA Venue

Written By: SD Reporter

American heavyweight boxing champion, Deontay Wilder had added a veiled plea in putting pressure on his rival, Anthony OlaseniOluwafemi Joshua to accept his proposal for their much-expected unification fight to hold in the United States.

Wilder insists that the bout will happen, but says he is willing to fight the Nigerian-born British WBA, IBF, IBO and WBO champion in his home country or in America.

However, ‘AJ’ has insisted it will take place in the UK, claiming he wants to avoid the “tricks” of American judges and referees.

The Watford-born bruiser has insisted that he is willing to lose £15m to secure the fight on home soil.

The American, who holds the WBC title, went on to question the character of AJ and his team after he claimed that he would take the fight if he was guaranteed $50 million.

Wilder, 32, though, now appeared to shift grounds, as he said the fight will be in September if it is in the UK and in November if it happens in America.

He said: “We’re still in negotiations so I don’t have a time frame on it just yet but I want everyone to know the fight will happen. If we have it in England it’ll be September – if it’s here in America it’ll be November.

“If they are still serious – we been serious this whole way through, Joshua said he wanted the $50m he’ll sign tomorrow.

“We did exactly what he did and he didn’t sign so that shows you his character already or his team character.”

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