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Notts County Hope Ameobi, Stead Stay But Have Plan B

Written By: SD Reporter

Notts County owner Alan Hardy talks about the decision to offer new contracts to some players and release others at the end of the season.

One of the slight irritations when it comes to offering players new contracts is that EFL rules allow them 30 days to make their minds up and, of course, many of them go away on holiday as soon as the season has finished – which you can’t blame them for.

We’re 90 percent sure everything will be fine with those we’ve offered deals to, but it would be nice to put everything to bed and know exactly where we’re going.

Our CEO, Jason Turner, and Kevin Nolan, the manager, aren’t as bothered as much as I am. I’m constantly asking, ‘has that been agreed yet? Have we got that over the line yet?’. They reply, ‘just calm down, everything’s fine, stop worrying’.

I completely trust their judgment and respect their experience, but I would just like I’s dotted and T’s crossed as soon as possible. That way we will know exactly which positions we need to recruit for and what the depth of the squad needs to be.

We have, however, made sure we are as prepared as we can be. Take Jon Stead and Shola Ameobi for example. We’re hoping they’ll both accept our contract offers but, if they turn them down, we have got a very strong contingency plan in place – in every area, not only up front.

This is a hugely exciting time of year in the world of football but it’s incredibly ruthless at times, particularly when it comes to making decisions that affect the business. You only have to ask Kevin how

I share his compassion and find it tough talking about players as if they are just numbers, taking away the human side and doing your best not to be influenced by the fact they’ve got families to feed and mortgages to pay. Unfortunately, there’s no room for sentiment in this industry.

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