Three weeks ago, l started with one of the recommendations of the Godwin Kienka’s sport Reform Committee report which has to do with the government nominees on the board of federations. The committee had recommended that the idea be done away with.

One other important aspect worth commending has to do with Sponsorship and Funding. The committee had emphasized on the importance of this aspect if our dream of sustainable sport development roadmap is to be achieved. There is therefore, the need for government to do everything possible to secure and assure the organised private sector support for the over all growth and development of the sports sector.

The bitter experience of the past which culminated in the summary resignation of Chief Molade Okoya Thomas led board of Team Nigeria trust fund owing to alleged unhealthy interference by the leadership of the then National sport commission in the affairs of the trust fund. They did not hid the fact that they have name and integrity to protect.

The exit of these gurus, shakers and movers of the organized private sector in country has been a serious burden and dent on the troubled image of administration and management of sport in the country. The private sector is a major stake holder in the modern day global sports arena. The buoyant and world class multimillion dollar European Premier league and other many international multi-million dollar global sporting events and championships should necessarily under-score the importance of the roles and responsibilities of the private sector in the quest or the ultimate desire for a well structured result oriented sport template in Nigeria.

There is no doubt, what the organized private sector needed most is assurances of transparency and accountability with high level of integrity in the administration and management of Sports in the country. Since government alone can no longer fund sports requirements in view of the global economic melt-down, there is therefore the need, more than ever before, to lay a solid foundation for sports to thrive in the country with the active participation of the organized private sector.

This recommendation by the Sports Reform Committee can only be meaningful if the private sector is assured and convince that it will not be business as usual. That every penny generated will be judiciously utilized and transparently accounted for. There is no short cut about this. Once beating, twice shy. The organised private sector may be reluctant. They may engage in foot dragging. Indeed, they may not want to take the recommendation serious owing to past experience. But the relevant agency of government must allay their fears and other areas of concern.

This further explains my past submissions on the need to have those that pass integrity test to superintend over the running the management and administration of sports in the country. This is one sure way; the organised private sector can be more assured that it is no longer businesses as usual in line the avowed change agenda of the current government.

In my honest opinion, the private sector cannot continue to take the back seat in the running of sport policy in the country. They have fundamental role to play in actualising the dreams and aspirations of millions of gifted and talented Youths in the country. What they need is assurance which the government should be able to give them.


Last week edition of this column was on the Super Eagles match against the Desert Warriors of Algeria. It was titled ‘The Tonic The Eagles Need”. It was based on the visit of the Vice President to the Eagles camp before the all important match. Thank God, they did not disappoint. The Eagles won 3-1.


What has been settled by God cannot be unsettled by man. What has been ordained by God is a settled matter. Any effort in the contrary is a waste of time. Hard But The Bitter Truth.

Until next week Friday, stay out of trouble and God bless Nigeria.

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