Onebamhoin Raises Concern Over Kano Weather

National female tennis player, Patience Onebamhoin has raised concern over stifling heat, poor visibility and stuffy air in Kano, where the 2018 National Open Tennis Championship is taking place.

As the competition enters its penultimate stage, Onebamhoin said a big source of worry is torrid weather in the City of Groundnut Pyramids.

While describing the weather as very harsh, Onebamhoin said most players are finding it difficult to breathe due to the harmattan haze.

Onebamhoin, who faced Nigeria’s number two ranked player, Blessing Samuel in Thursday’s semi-final added that the hazy condition further the surface and visibility on the court.

She pointed out: “The situation has influenced not just the quality of the tennis played but also the health of players.

“Not only is it affecting the court’s surface and causing poor visibility, it also hinders easy breathing.”

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