Festival Games For Elites, Not For Talents Poaching- Yakmut

Seasoned administrator Dr. Alhassan Yakmut has stressed  and expressed excitement over the return of festival games and what it will bring on board in terms of players activities  in various sports.

The seasoned  administrator  who is currently the chairman of interior,  stated that age category seems to be our strong point but yet still needs a sustainable program to discover and develop athletes.

“I have to repeat my excitement  about the return of festival games.  As some who participated at five levels as an athelete and others as an administrator.  The opportunity  to see it come back againis a exiciting one.  It has been properly  replaced.  I still want to thank the Ministry  for returning the festival to alot of young stars in Nigeria.

The age category seem to be our strong point but again we need a sustainable program,  we don’t discover them and allow them to wander.  We have to provide a blue print to guide from discovery to development from development to elite,  elite to professionalism.

My state plateau is the home of talents in Volleyball and other sports and it is the home of grooming talents in Nigeria,  I am still finding a way to retain most of the Athletes which will require alot of funds. Plateau has the youngest  Athletes in this Festival he stated.

He concluded in stating that the national festival is suppose to be for the elite athletes and the youth games is for talent discovery.  If there is a mixture now at list in future the line has to be drawn”.  He concluded.

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