Nimrod Warns Nigeria Against Another ‘Six-year Disaster’

Nigeria Volleyball Federation (NVBF) president, Engineer Musa Nimrod has warned the sports ministry to avoid a repeated occurrence of what he called a ‘disaster’ in the country’s failure to organize the National Sports Festival for six years.

While stressing the putting the festival on hold for such a long time was a national disaster, Nimron said efforts should begin now to consolidate on the gains of the ongoing edition in Abuja.

Nimrod added that, during the period when the festival was on hold, the armed forces and para-military turned out to be the saving grace for the country in their production of athletes.

Nimrod declared: “It was national disaster that we could not hold the National Sports Festival for six years, after the last one in 2012 in Lagos.

“The failure to organize the event for that long period of time could have killed volleyball and some sports in the country.

“If not for the military and para-military forces that kept organising competitions and producing talents, Nigeria would have been in trouble.

“Now that we have eventually hosted the festival, those in charge must ensure that it does not repeat itself.

“If we want to develop sports and help the Nigerian youths to actualize their dream, then we must stage the National Sports Festival regularly.”

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