Toriola Urges Discovered Talents To Work Harder

Veteran Nigerian table tennis player, Segun Topriola has urged new talents discovered at the National Sports Festival in Abuja to work harder, in ordert to ensure they take their career to greater height.

Toriola said in a chat with that he has already spotted about five to six talents, but insists they still have more work to do.

The five-time African champion stated further that the young players are good, but interjected that they will have to work extra hard to keep up with demands on the national and international scenes.

Toriola added: “I am happy to see some good young players at the sports festival, but they have to continue with their good work.

“The players have the prospect to excel in their careers, but they should continue to horn their skills and not to relent in their efforts.

“They should keep working hard, keep training day and night, whether there’s a competition or not.”

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