Sidelines From NNL Super Eighht

 Following the matches of the Super Eight in Aba keenly was personally quite revealing .From the sidelines,the technical benches you could hear and see some of the coaches tell a player how worthless ,useless he is .

They yelled,bullied scolded their players in such a tone of voice tinged with disgust and disdain. Their jeers make such players feel despised and inadequate.

The verbal and emotional abuse or aggressiveness of the coaches weighed hugely on the players and subsequently their ability to deliver. The players instead of being motivated to play and give out their best became utterly embarrassed .

Do I tag our coaches bullies or depressors,you can make a compendium of abuses when you hear the sideline talks,jabs from our coaches ,technical benches in the course of a game . I have decided to rate the benches on how they performed during the Super Eight. Rating in the area of organization

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