Tade Azeez, Referees Lament Demise Of ‘Skippo’

The president of Nigeria Referees Association (NRA), Alhaji Tade Azeez and members have expressed sorrow over the death of former secretary-general of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi (aka Skippo).

Azeez was taken aback when the mournful news of Ogunjobi’s demise hit him early Monday, after which he stated that it is an irreparable loss for Nigerian football.

Azeez, who only recently won re-election for a second term as NRA president, added that hearing about Ogunjobi’s death was a sad bit of news to wake up to on a Monday morning.

The NRA president further recounted that Ogunjobi was an amiable man, who wanted everyone around him to be happy and went the extra mile to put smiles on all faces.

Azeez added mournfully: “Hearing about his demise is a shock to us all in the Nigerian football family

“He was a person we thought would be around for about 20 to 30 years more.

“He has been in the football circle for a long time because he started as early as possible and he died as a football person.”

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