Blaze Ingram: Seven-year-old Dubbed New ‘Usain Bolt’ After 100m Sprint

Remember the name Rudolph ‘Blaze’ Ingram.

The seven-year-old sprint sensation is being dubbed the ‘next Usain Bolt’ after another video of his insane speed went viral.

Blaze was competing at an event in Florida recently when he produced some astonishing times.

He won the 60m sprint in 8.69 seconds, before doing a 13.48 seconds in the 100m.

For comparison, Bolt’s 100m world record is 9.58s.

And he’s getting quicker. His previous PB for the 100m was apparently 14.59 seconds.

So it is little wonder he’s being touted as a Bolt in the making. But athletics might not even be his best sport.

One look at his Instagram page shows his incredible skills on the football field.

And as it turns out, Blaze also possesses lightning-fast footwork and remarkable evasive skills.

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