Joshua Downplays Jarrell Miller’s Boasts, Antics

Nigerian-born world heavyweight boding champion, Anthony Olaseni Oluwafemi Joshua has reacted with a wave of hand to recent boasts by American rival, Jarrell Miller, who says he will win their upcoming title fight on June 1 in USA.

Joshua was rattled by a push and verbal blasts Miller hurled against him during their press briefing, but he insists ‘Big Baby’ is only talking tough, but cannot match his words with action.

Tuesday’s press conference at Madison Square Garden should have been the calm before the storm which will take place at same arena on June 1, but hostilities seemed inevitable.

Joshua was pushed, prodded and provoked and his mask slipped, just few hours after he lit up New York’s Stock Exchange.

It has been long since Joshua found himself opposite such an antagonistic opponent, and perhaps none of his 22 foes have been as disrespectful as Miller, who set alight his home city of New York with a shove and a snarl.

Miller, sunglasses shielding eyes that have been fixed on Joshua since long before their first unscheduled face-off last year, immediately put his hands on Joshua, and sent the Brit flying backwards.

Joshua blasted in return: “”Unbelievable acting, unbelievable talking, like a Hollywood movie! He is talking s**t.

“Miller doesn’t have what it takes, but to talk. That is just a case of running the mouth, but what can he do in the ring. I am in shape, I am focused, and I am going to whip him big.”

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