Dasaolu Sets Sight On Swansong At Tokyo 2020

Nigerian-born athlete, James Dasaolu has set his mind on making an appearance at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan before finally calling it quit with sprinting, following his return from a nasty injury.

Dasaolu, who is rated as the second-fastest man in British history has declared himself victorious over a ruptured tendon, which many medics say is the only injury next to a torn Achilles.

After coming out with his recovery verdict from the setback, which he described as a ‘tree branch snapping in two,’ the 31-year-old has now stated boldly that he believes he can return for next year’s Olympics.

Dasaolu said he felt no tightness or tenderness in the area, following a smooth stride on another 120m rep in winter session at Loughborough last November, which he says he is now building on gradually.

However, while the 2014 European 100m champion, is hopeful of still making it to Tokyo 2020, Dasaolu admits what he suffered was a very ugly and scary injury.

He recounts with a shiver: “The sound, I’m not really sure how to put it.

“At the exact moment it happened, I thought it was my spikes cracking in half – they are quite a solid plastic.

“In my head it was like they had cracked or something, because it was an unusual noise – like a tree branch snapping in two.

“I hit the ground like a tonne of bricks and I’m rolling around, thinking, ‘Damn, what the hell was that?’

“In my head it’s like, ‘Don’t let it be my…’ It is said that the only sporting injury worse than a torn Achilles tendon is a fully ruptured one.”

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