Odegbami Craves Mikel’s Return To Eagles

Recall Mikel? History is against such a decision. Mikel is not the player he once was. We have seen his best and it cannot be recreated or better. What did it fetch?

The last time we brought back a captain it ended in a disaster that halted the country from going to its first World Cup in 1981. Why are we not taking lessons from history? Why do we keep doing the same things based on sentiments and expecting a different result?

If old players do not retire new players cannot emerge. Some of the best players in our history came into being by been thrown into the deep end of a big competition and discovering their best hidden ability. I am a good example. I took over from Baba Otu Mohammed after he had just been named Africa’s best right-winger but was disappointing in a few games. One match did the transformation.

Nigeria shall not win AFCON 2019 because of Mikel. We can diminish our chances or even lose it because of him. Let him be, and lets throw up a new talent. We won’t know how good a player is until we give them a chance at a high level.

The most constant thing in life is change and is based on the players the coach has in his team. This team is still under construction so we must create room for new players to come in.

I don’t envision that we have the Eagles team already because I believe there will be few additions as well as subtractions before having the team we all desire. From what we have seen so far, I believe this team has the capacity to go all the way to the final at the AFCON in Egypt.

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