Fifa Women’s World Cup: Thailand Tears, Endler impresses, US Storm Through

United States and Sweden qualify for the round of 16 in France

Sweden 5 Thailand 1

Thailand may have conceded 18 goals in their opening two games of the Fifa Women’s World Cup but their consolation against Sweden on Sunday will go down as one of the tournament’s great moments.

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After being thrashed 13-0 by defending champions United States, Thailand had another tough task when facing the Swedes in the group F clash in Nice.

At 4-0 down, Thailand scored their goal in injury-time thanks to a strike from captain Kanjana Sung-Ngoen. Sweden went on to score a fifth, but the focus was on the Thai goal and the reactions on the sidelines.

Thai head coach Nuengrutai Srathongvian and her staff were in tears on the bench after Sung-Ngoen’s 91st-minute goal.

Srathongvian said: “The goal made us laugh, made us smile and makes us happy. It was a difficult goal to score and, playing a great team like Sweden, it meant so much.

“It meant that all of our preparation paid off. Our defeat in the last game was massive. Yes, we were disappointed, but even if we scored one today we had some success.”

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