Caroline Wozniacki Blasts Wimbledon After Shocking Defeat.

Caroline Wozniacki Blasts Wimbledon After

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In a press conference in Wimbledon, Caroline Wozniacki commented on her straight-set loss to Shuai Zhang in the third round on Friday. The Dane said: “It’s so ridiculous. This is supposed to be a Championships match this is absurd.
That one was far out. This one was maybe close. But it’s out. It’s crazy – how am I losing two points on Hawk-Eye? Obviously, it’s wrongly put.” “How am I supposed to play if I lose the point because these calls aren’t right? How are we playing with Hawk-Eye that is this bad? This is not fair.
Every single time the ball is overruled. It’s crazy. Any time she challenges, the ball is going to be good. I thought there were a few ones that I saw way differently. But it is what it is. You can’t really change a Hawk-Eye call.

Maybe it was right. I just saw it differently. I mean, at this point it doesn’t matter. It is what it is. Maybe the Hawk-Eye was right. Maybe I just saw it wrong. I don’t know. But you trust Hawk-Eye normally. You trust that it tells you the right thing.
Sometimes you do see the balls a little differently than what the Hawk-Eye is. At least you know, okay, you can get it out of your mind. I do believe that it was not in the ideal place today. Obviously, when you think you’ve won the point and then have to replay, that can be frustrating.

Again, there’s nothing you can do about it. You just have to keep going, keep playing. That’s really it.”

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