It sends a shock wave to one’s imagination to see how the penchant for cheap popularity can make a supposed legally educated person like Chief Chidi Lloyd stoops so low to misinform the unsuspecting public. It is a responsible character trait to Know when to say something and when to keep silent. In this area, Chief Chidi Lloyd is seriously found wanting.

Chief Chidi Lloyd’s concocted report on what he claimed to have transpired in the Federal High Court in Port Harcourt smacks of his passion to play the hatchet man’s role for his paymaster who does not mean well for the All Progressives Congress (APC) Rivers State. This didn’t come to most of us as a surprise as it is more or less an open secret that Chidi Lloyd and his co-travelers have clearly opted to play the spoiler’s role having found themselves at the darkest side of the law, morality and history. But they have failed woefully.

Interestingly, Chidi Lloyd have failed to realize that their incessant references to His Excellency, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, in all their ridiculous write-ups and appearances in the media will add nothing to the position of the law on the temporary imbloglio in the  Rivers State APC.

Chidi Lloyd’s ill-fated piece dated 15/11/2018 is a product of an angry and disgruntled mind whose sense of morality has been beclouded by the burning desire to carry out the bidding of an emperor somewhere. But what Chidi Lloyd fails to realize is that anytime there is a battle for supremacy between the Rule of Law and an emperor somewhere, the Rule of Law will always prevail.

Chidi Lloyd’s deceptive report failed to let the public realize that the Court can’t hear a matter until the respondent has been duly served with the originating summons. Furthermore, the hearing of a matter can only commence if, and only if, all the parties are either physically present or properly represented. In other words, anything called ex parte hearing (according to Chidi Lloyd) is unknown to law.  However, there may be an ex parte motion. I sincerely wonder how Chidi stooped so low to misinform the public that “…what was supposed to be a secretly filed matter expected to be heard ex parte…”

Chidi Lloyd’s reference to Tonye Patrick Cole and his co-travelers as “authentic candidates already accepted and published for the 2019 elections” betrays his uncontrollable urge to serve as a state Campaign Director-general of a great party in the magnitude of APC. What else is desperation?

It is mind-rattling to observe Chidi Lloyd’s display of crass ineptitude for telling the public that he does not know that the period of substitution, following INEC’s Election Timetable, is still on-going. The hitherto submission of the names of Tonye Patrick Cole and his unfortunate colleagues to INEC is not a guarantee for their being the flagbearers of our great party, APC. Ours is a party of change, and cannot afford to engage in a war of attrition with the Rule of Law.

Furthermore, it seems to me that Chidi Lloyd’s penchant for cheap popularity has robbed him of the capacity to give respect to whom respect is due. I  conscientiously condemn Chidi Lloyd’s arrant display of disrespect towards His Excellency, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe. Senator Magnus Abe is the saving grace of Rivers State APC, as  it stands today. Posterity will forever applaud him.

Certainly, Chief Chidi Lloyd will join all the lovers of Freedom to salute the enduring courage of His Excellency, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe when the dust settles. And that will be sooner than later.

Door-2-Door Democratic Movement (DODEM) World-wide

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