On Instagram, Ronaldo announced the arrival of the new collection, along with one of the images taken in a photo shoot:

“Light up your body this summer with the brand new High Summer CR7Underwear collection”, he wrote to his record 175 million followers.

Ronaldo on Instagram selling his underwear collection

Ronaldo’s underwear usually costs about $38 for a 3-pack.

According to TMZ, Ronaldo said the design was inspired by summer sunsets, saying, “Summer is my favourite (he spells it weird because he’s European) season and I love the time of day when the sun goes down and the sky is vivid.”

Ronaldo selling his CR7 Underwear. Photo TMZ

“I wanted to capture that feeling in my HS19 campaign, using intense colour (again with the weird Euro spelling) that’s bold, rich and compliments my new collection. I wanted the campaign to have a really relaxed feel. Summer is the time of year when I have some time to chill out, so I wanted to reflect that.”

“Essentially, I want to create underwear that looks so good that I want to wear it on the beach, rather than covering it up with my swimwear!”

Ronaldo: poses with another type of the collection