Georgina Oboh Gets Edo State Governor’s Applause

Nigeria’s fast-rising female golfer, Georgina Oboh has received a shower of accolades from Edo State governor, Godwin Obaseki.

In the wake of recent heroics by the Edo State-born teenage golfer, Obaseki hailed the 17-year-old prodigy on her triumph in Abidjan.

Oboh added the Cote d’Ivoire Open title to her kitrty, in what becomes he first professional trophy, much to the delight of Obaseki.

The governor disclosed his happiness in an official statement, through which he congratulated Oboh for her efforts.

He eulogised her for showing the unwavering Edo spirit and talent, which Obaseki pointed out has for years distinguished Edo people in all strata.

Obaseki added: “I am delighted to learn of Oboh’s victory in the Cote d’Ivoire Open title.

“This brings me much joy, not just because she is an indigene of the state, but because I am an avid golfer and promoter of the sport.

“She has shown once again that Edo people excel exceeding well when given the opportunity to fully express themselves.

“She serves as a role model to many young people out there, and goes to prove that much can be achieved when one is determined.

“We are very keen on unleashing the potential in youths in sports. We had our golden years in sports in the past as the old Bendel State.

“We are committed to reviving this aspect of our state, which is why we are investing in youth development.

“Already we are making appreciable progress with the promotion of Bendel Insurance to the topflight division.

“With Oboh’s success, we will be grooming more young people in sports. This much we assure her and the teeming youths interested in the game.”

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