Iguodala Explains Complaints About Calls Against Curry

San Antonio Warriors basketball club veteran, Andre Iguodala has copme out with explanation of the grudge he had against calls by USA’s National Basketball Association (NBA) referees, which he allege are often biased against his teammate, Steph Curry.

Iguodala was blowing hot again, after Curry found himself in foul trouble during Warriors’ Game 1 win over Houston Rockets, as he picked up his fourth foul of the game with 4:34 remaining in the third quarter and had to immediately return to the bench.

Curry then assessed foul No. 5 with 8:12 left in the game, checked out and then came back in with 6:34 to go, but Iguodala admits he does not like how his teammate is often treated by the match officials.

In these playoffs alone, many observers noted that Curry has foolishly reacted on many occasions and was rightfully called for fouls, but there have also been several instances in which he did not commit a foul but was still penalized.

Some argue that it is as if officials are aware of his reputation and think a foul occured every time the two-time NBA MVP goes for a steal, such that Iguodala, who was the 2015 NBA Finals MVP, is now suggesting that Curry deserves superstar treatment.

Iguodala said: “My brother is a referee. He’s on the cusp of trying to get to the next level and I ask him a lot of questions. More times than not, he’s saying the referees are right. But my questions to him, and this is the one that gets him, is ‘how do teams guard Steph and Klay?’

“He says, ‘Oh, they get hacked every time.’ He says Steph gets fouled 80 percent of the possessions that he’s in.

“He’s getting held, he’s getting pulled. They just hold him down. And teams are like, just get physical with him.”

“That’s my biggest issue with a superstar like Steph, and I know Steph’s mindset.

“His mindset is, ‘OK, this is how we’re playing. We’re playing physical. I’m just getting slapped and held and pulled down every time.

“And adds ‘I’m getting two hands on my drives. This is what the refs are allowing. So, they’re letting us play.’

“People always ask why he’s fouling, but that’s how he’s being guarded, so why wouldn’t he think he can’t play physical like that?”

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