Joshua Adopts USA’s Navy Seals’ Training Drills

Nigerian-born world heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Olaseni Oluwafemi Joshua has adopted the drills made popular by America’s Navy Seals’ hit force, as he aims to put himself in peak shape for this weekend’s title fight in New York, USA.

‘AJ’ is going for his debut appearance on Saturday, with a crunch date against Mexico’s Andy Ruiz Jnr at Madison Square Garden, in a bout that has been dubbed a potential banner peel outing for the London 2012 Olympic Games gold medalist, under the banner of Great Britain.

Ahead of Saturday’s at MSG in The Big Apple, Joshua aims to make a success of his maiden fight in God’s Own Country, such that he has adopted strategies employed by special forces in America.

In a bid to ensure he avoids any loose ends, ‘AJ’ is giving himself high levels of brutal training regimes inspired by Navy Seals, using NASA sleep technology and starting everyday by downing a pint of water.

A special feature by Daily Mail reveals that Joshua has revolutionized his training camp in bid to make heavyweight history on Saturday, ahead of which he has also studied Juventus of Italy soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo closely, and believes he is reaping benefits of the new routine.

He decided to shake up his regime after beating Wladimir Klitschko in April 2017, which was described as the sweetest moment that provided him with food for thought.

The report adds: “After inscribing his name into the annals of heavyweight boxing history with an epic defeat of Klitschko, Joshua slipped away to return to the drawing board.

“He had just consigned the greatest heavyweight over the past decade into retirement and taken possession of three world titles, but what followed was not prolonged or wild celebrations.

“Little time was afforded to bathe in self-admiration or for googly-eyed gapes in the mirror. Instead, there was more of a small salute before thoughts turned back to business.

“It was in the days after this momentous victory, that Joshua reached for his red marker pen and began assessing everything he had ever known and done to prepare him for battle.

“His training regime, diet, lifestyle, everything from the number of hours of sleep he had been getting right down to the last minute detail, was put through the function machine and re-evaluated.

“Tweaks were made in the gym, while analysis became a fundamental part of his approach. New training methods, equipment and recovery processes were explored. His schedule was revised too.

“In his next fight against Carlos Takam some six months after his demolition of Klitschko, Joshua tipped the scales at a career-high 254 lbs (18.1 stone) and laboured to victory.

“In his last outing, against the rugged and experienced Russian Alexander Povetkin, Joshua had to battle through ill health to claim a seventh-round stoppage.

“Joshua visited laboratories of sports manufacturer Under Armour on several occasions last year to see how Ronaldo remains in tip-top shape and preserves his body.

“His gym routines have not changed drastically, just tiny alterations here and there to avoid stagnation. Joshua’s camps are typically split into several sections, with each having a particular focus on strength or conditioning.

“Joshua’s gym sessions are planned out by his strength and conditioning coach Jamie Reynolds, who some may know as Jamie Velocity. Reynolds has fused two sessions into one for this camp, with strength pulling-and-pushing movements for upper and lower body, followed by a conditioning circuit.

“In a 12-week camp, workouts are split into three week blocks of five training sessions a week which fit in in between sparring sessions, other boxing-related drills and running.

“Joshua will do 10 different exercises during each strength session, including pull-ups, dumbbell lunges, kettlebell goblet squats, diamond press-ups, squat jumps, medicine ball slams, kettlebell swings, medicine ball burpees, planks and V-shape fitness test planks.

“To maximise his performance in training, Joshua has also focused on getting a good night’s rest every night – 10 hours to be exact.

“He also uses Sleep-Wake Actigraphy and Light Exposure to monitor his sleep pattern – the advance state-of-the art technology is used by NASA to examine how space flight affects astronauts’ sleep patterns.

“AJ now spends the last week of camp decompressing as he prepares himself for fight night and so will not be putting his body through too much strenuous activity before his fight against Ruiz next month.

Joshua told 5 Live Boxing: “In the past two years we have fought tirelessly to get it right.

“I was in a really tough fight with Klitschko that could have gone either way and I realised then that I couldn’t continue my journey like that.

“We asked how do we now be smart and become smarter in the ring? Less quantity, more quality, it is about the quality work now.

“But it didn’t happen overnight and we are still developing now. I’m only a product of what I’ve been taught.

“It’s been about putting mistakes from previous camps right. This is only the first training camp we have been able to actually implement what we wanted to and the first time we are actually using it.”

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