Olajire: Technical Department Will Teach New FIFA Rules

Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) media officer, Ademola Olajire has disclosed that the soccer governing body’s technical department and other egg heads at The Glasshouse will teach new rules of the game.

Olajire disclosed that new soccer rules will come into play, as initiated by International Football Association Board (IFAB) come into play, and the NFF will not be left out in passing details on to players and coaches.

Team officials, backroom hands and NFF staff will also be involved in the scheme to transmit the new FIFA rules, for which the technical committee and department of the Nigerian body will meet on the best approach to educate all active stakeholders.

Olajire disclosed that, at its 133rd Annual General Meeting on March 2nd in Aberdeen, Scotland, IFAB approved five changes to the rules of football, with all expected to come into force on June 1st.

Among them is a cancellation of rebounds from penalties, meaning play will stop for a restart if a penalty is saved or hits the post and no longer an opportunity for a player or teammates to follow up to score.

Players will now be allowed to touch the ball in the area after a keeper kicks it, even before it leaves the box, and a substituted player can leave the field anywhere to guard against time wasting by advantaged team.

Finally, coaches will receive yellow and red cards instead of reprimands or finger signals; all of which Olajire says will be spelt out in days ahead.

Olajire declared: “We are ready to adapt to the changes that will come into force in the next few months.

“Nigerian football has suffered from negligence in the past, but we are abreast to adaptation that goes with any change in our dynamic sport.

“In the days to come, the technical department and committee will soon meet on how best to educate all the teams, not only the Super Eagles.

“The same message will go down to clubs participating in the continental competition and also in the domestic football.”

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