Dambe Traditional Sport Going Global. Okereke

Dambe a locally played sports is gradually gaining prominence in Nigeria and all over world.

The game of Dambe that is as much as mixed martial fight according to the co- founder of the sport, Mr Anthony Okeleke is gradually gaining ground and that Dambe Warrior league has come to stay with the aim for developing the game,  for it to go global and tap on the potentials. So far foreign partners have come in to boost the game.

“Seven years ago my partner reached out to me that we should actually get ourselves involve in dambe sports. We shared ideas about the game going global. And it’s been a long, tedious journey but quiet interesting nonetheless.

The event is well package unlike the locally organised you see around. We have fighters using our apparels, rings, ring ladies and rules as it is done globally in combat sports.

We have done the first Dambe sports 01 in Kano which is going to be a quarterly event, Abuja is the second, it was a blast. We will have the third in Kano again in October 1st and October 15th we will come back to Abuja, before the grand finale at the Kano pillars stadium in Kano. November 19th.

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Dambe Warriors league have a pipeline where new fighters could come in. Dambe Warriors league have looked across board and have seen that these fighters are not well remunerated. That is the extra value we are bringing in.

Fighters are earning as high as #350,000 naira just to perform in a month in the middle weight and the light weight earn up to #250,000.

Dambe Warriors are actually here to show the world that there is a local sports in Nigeria that has potential to go global.

Today we have had foreign partners that have come into this sports. Two exceptional men that have seen the sports going global and have invested their time and resources into it to ensure that we always have a successful events.

We need to get more people getting interested and involving in the sports and the eco system. This is the only way to get youths busy and put them in the right path. This is what Dambe Sports is actually doing. ” He concluded.

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