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Osimhens land in public court over unpaid N300m commission

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Esther Okolo, the older sister of Victor Osimhen and her husband Osita Okolo, have dragged the Napoli striker to public court over an agency commission worth more than N300m in the first instance.

The case is already before a Lagos court.

The Okolos claimed in a Facebook interview on the platform of ‘Daddy Freeze’ that Osimhen has refused to pay his brother-in-law and former personal manager, Osita Okolo, $450,000 and 91,000 Euros being part payment for brokering his transfer to Napoli from Lille.

Esther Okolo, who broke down several times during the interview, narrated how her younger brother took the monies paid into her husband’s account with the promise to pay back.

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“The money was paid into my company account, but my greatest mistake was to give it to him when he asked for it with the promise he will pay back,” Osita Okolo lamented.

“I worked with him with my open mind not knowing he had a sinister plan against me.

“That’s the greatest mistake I made in my life.”

“I don’t want problem, all I want is that Victor should give my husband his money because I know my husband worked for this money, evidence dey, but my family don’t want to see the truth,” his wife pleaded.

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“He is fighting for his right, he should give my husband what belongs to him.”

Okolo further alleged that his problem with the Super Eagles star striker was that he told him to take care of his family, who were still living in poverty.

“My husband criticised the lifestyle Victor is living and what his sisters are living,” his wife Esther revealed.

“Only outsiders are buying cars and building houses, while we the family are suffering.”

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She also spoke of threat to the life of her husband by her siblings as the feud has raged on and how Osimhen also threatened to stab him in Naples.

Meanwhile, Osimhen responded to these allegations with a with a meme on his Instagram account.

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